MLA Resources

The Community of Scholars and Using MLA Format

Welcome to the community of scholars! As a member of this community, you will be reading, analyzing and critiquing the work and ideas of those engaged in academic research and discourse. As you do so, you become an active member of this community, one who is also creating work to be shared with others. As responsible members of this academic community, you will be documenting your sources, using MLA format.

Here are several resources you can access to become comfortable with MLA format:

·         Our text, Rules for Writers, the Hacker website for the 5th edition, and the Hacker site of Model Papers and other resources. 

·         Sample student essay and  ESL student essay, and Easy Bib available through the Library’s site

·         The Purdue On-Line Writing Lab; See the slide show they created: View Download

·         Youtube video (includes word processing tips) MLA basics video and formatting MLA Works Cited

·         Librarians in our Library!