After completing each essay, write a reflective paragraph (or more) about writing that essay. Use an effective topic sentence to tie your reflections together.  

 Consider these questions: 

1.       What did you do well? (Process, content, structure, etc.)

2.       What were your challenges?

3.       Did your essay closely match the assignment? If not, was that intentional?

4.       Did you make major or minor revisions from brainstorming to final draft? Describe.

5.       What did you learn from writing this essay that can make you a better writer?

 Suggestion: As you compose your reflection, it may be helpful to copy/paste these questions at the top of your word document to give you ideas. Then when you finish, delete the questions.  Also, think about giving your reflective paragraph(s) a descriptive title (other than “Reflection”).

 When you are satisfied with the content, organization and mechanics of your reflection, upload it to your portfolio.

Note: Why do we reflect? Read Study: you really can "work smarter not harder"