Rubric Template

Though rubrics for specific essays will probably differ, here is a generic essay rubric:

CategoryDescription of an excellent paper*PointsEarned
TitleTitle is interesting and properly formated./3
IntroductionIntroduction is compelling. /10
Thesis StatementThesis statement decisively names topic of essay and /15
provides direction for evidence that will follow. 
OrganizationOrganization follows thesis statement clearly; there are well-formed topic sentences and concluding sentences. /10

Content & ExamplesThe content is interesting, and the examples are /20
clear, lively, relevant and specific.
MLA ComplianceOutside sources are integrated into text and MLA /10
ConclusionConclusion is strong and provides an articulate recap /10
and "final word." 
Grammar & MechanicsThere are few distracting errors./20
FormatPaper follows formatting instuctions. /2
Other notes:
*If significant portions of work seem to be unoriginal, this scoring is not applied, and paper will  likely earn an F.