Self Review

Self Review/Content and Organization


Step 1, Review the key sentences in your essay, with an eye toward possible improvement. Copy and paste the following sentences into a document entitled Self Review:

1.       Thesis statement

2.       Topic sentence, first supporting paragraph

3.       Topic sentence, second supporting paragraph

4.       Topic sentence, third supporting paragraph

5.      Last sentence

6.  Best sentence (from any part of the essay)

Step 2,Consider these questions as you look over these sentences again:

  • Does the thesis statement guide your essay and cover all the content in it?
  • Do the topic sentences closely tie back to the ThS?
  • Do the topic sentences cover all the content in the supporting paragraphs they lead?
  • Is your last sentence a “clincher”? (Is it well-stated, easy-to-read and memorable?) 
  • What makes your best sentence effective? How can you make other sentences more effective?

Step 3, Revise:

·         After considering the questions, revise any sentences that you can be improved in any way.

·         Underline revised sentences.

·         If you did not revise any sentences, write a note at the bottom of your essay: “My key sentences are as effective as I can make them.”

Step 4, Upload your essay!