Greetings, Escolta Dream Team ESL Class!

Welcome to this site. I am so happy to work with you! Our class is a wonderful community and you are a special group  of women! I want you to enjoy the class, succeed in English and reach your goals. Please let me know your questions, needs, ideas and concerns. You can call or text 650.283.2998 or email:

Practice vocabulary here:  

If you want to see your vocabulary word in a sentence, try the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.  or Webster's Dictionary

Two Word Homework sheet: Please choose two new words to learn after each class, or do four new words over the weekend. 

North Fair Oaks Library (in Spanish) 

Redwood City Library (in Spanish)

Here are some free practice sites! Use this homework form. 

BEGINNING Learners: 

a. See Daily Routines to practice the present tense. 

b. See Prepositions of Place to practice under, behind, etc. 

a. See Easy Grammar Review for present tense verbs. 

b. See Family for vocabulary


ADVANCED Learners: New York Public Library sites. This is a site developed by the New York City Public Library. It has a collection of sites. You can translate it to Spanish at the bottom of the page. 

Previous Classes at  Cañada below:  

Greetings, Cañada College Students! 

I want to welcome you to this site. It is my goal to work with you to establish the most positive, challenging, joyful, enriching classroom environment possible. To support our work in the classroom, I will also be posting assignments and resources on this site. And, more importantly, so will you! This site will also be hosting your work and your ideas.


As we proceed in class, please share your suggestions, questions or concerns with me after class, during office hours, or contact me by telephone or email.  I want to hear from you!

Contact Info: or 650-306-3416

Office Hours:  M/W 11-12 and Th 6-7 in 3-235, M/W 6-6:30 at Hoover School or by appointment.

Spring 17

ESL 400 Day

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Fall 16: 

ESL 400 Day

ESL 400 Evening

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Spring 16: 

ESL 400 Day

ESL 400 Evening

ESL 911 

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